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Eccommerce & Dropshipping Start Up Coaching

Dawn Osborne

Eccommerce & Dropshipping Start Up Coaching


You are at the right place if you have thought about starting an eCommerce business. The good thing about eCommerce business, you don't have to quit your job while setting it up. You can do it as a side business until you start earning your salary, so then you come on board full time.

The 12 weeks eCommerce Start up Coaching provides a practical understanding of the most important tools and techniques for the creation, operation and management of an eCommerce business. It is designed to provide YOU with a support and hands-on expertise During the 12-week Coaching Process we will be covering:

#1 The Foundation • Fearless Ecommerce Mindset • Introduction to eCommerce • Introduction to Dropshipping • Planning for eCommerce & Online Business

#2 The Product Set up
• Start Up Product & Creation Process • Trends & Niches in Ecommerce • Choosing a Product

#3 The Customer
• Understand Your Ideal Customer • Create an Idea Customer Profile

#4 The Online Set up
• Coaching to Setup eCommerce website • Coaching Domain & Hosting Set up • Coaching to Set up a merchant account • Coaching to Set up ecommerce apps/ email /click funnels/plugins • Coaching to Set up Social Media Platforms • Coaching to set up Google Ad words

# 5 Marketing
• Marketing Messaging & Creative Content • Branding & Visuals • Coaching for Traffic via Facebook & Google • Coaching for Traffic via Paid Media Platforms
#6 Operations & Management
• Automated Processes & Systems
++++ Much more

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