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Empowered Leaders & Teams

Dawn Osborne Coaching & Training

Are you a frustrated CEO or LEADER and need help with your emotionally BURNTOUT Leaders and Managers? Looking to break into the next level of performance? Have you have tried all the other tools paid thousands for the strategies and still your team is stuck and not performing?? Well let me tell you its got nothing to do with your strategies and everything to do with the mindset of your leaders and managers!!

I can help you:
Empower your people to grow and develop their growth mindset!
Grow And Transform Your Leaders And Managers Emotional Intelligence
Make a greater impact, have happier staff and give the tools that will have a massive impact your team & performance!

The best way to grow your business is to develop your managers and leaders. Our training & coaching workshops can help you to identify blockages, increase performance and motivation and enhance the retention of your talented staff.

We are Results Focussed
We use a solution-focused, results-orientated coaching process to facilitate increased work performance, self-directed learning and personal growth. We use a comprehensive approach to learning and development and customise our coaching program to the needs of your business or organisation.

Lead by Dawn Osborne
Dawn Is a Trained and Qualified Coach, Counsellor & Psychotherapist (Mental Health Therapy)
She has worked and trained teams in National Companies, NFP, NGO, DES & Volunteer Organisations

Let me train, equip and bring your burnout Manager & Leaders back to life with Empowered Teams & Empowered Leaders 1day Workshops

Request a information pack >> dawn@fearless-women.global