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Dawns Bio

Dawn Osborne

CEO/Advocate for Women & Teens

Dawns Formal BIO

Dawn Osborne is an award winning entrepreneur that creates beautiful products.  She is the ‘Startup Queen, having created businesses in the UK and Australia, many of which are still thriving today.  Her entrepreneurial skills have revolutionised the Beauty Industry with her creation of the Inch Loss Wrap which is now distributed around the world and now the CEO of Dawn Osborne Skin Care.  Her Passions is for people to be empowered and released into the fullness of their life through self esteem coaching. Dawn was awarded the 2012 International Women’s Day People’s Choice Award in recognition of her business and mentoring skills. Dawn has strong links into international markets with celebrity endorsements and has had Tea with the Duchess of York.

Dawns Passion 

My life’s work is to build, shape, and refine resilient, teen girls & women. My heart’s desire is to instill a message of hope and encourage girls & women that you are worthy of a great life! That life circumstances do not define who you are as a women. No matter what life throws they will bounce back with strength and power. We share messages that will encourage you to overcome low self esteem. We use spiritual strategies for soul healing that encourages you to walk in freedom.  Have the confidence to know who you are and the self discipline to be all they want to be



It all started with Teen Skin it was created in 2014 by Dawn Osborne and her daughter 10year old Summer Osborne. They both recognised a need for a safe and natural skin care range for tweens and teens.


Dawn Osborne Anti Ageing Signature range was launched, it started with the requests from mums who bought my teen skin range. So asked myself if I could create any skincare I liked what would I put in it.... oh it was like christmas researching all the fabulous ingredients that not only are natural but give you results. And so Dawn Osborne skincare was borne


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