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Teenager Skincare


Teens have different skin through this phase of growing. That is a fact. However, the vast majority of teens continue to use skin care products that were developed for a woman. Here at TeenSkin, we are trying to change that. One teen at a time.

In addition to the obvious differences like hormones raging, there are many genetic and complex structural differences in a teen skin. For example, higher levels of hormones cause a very oily skin. Sebum production levels are also much higher in teens and can cause many problems including acne, oily skin, and shine issues.

Our skin care products are specifically engineered for a teens skin. Our ingredients are the best in Australia. Our company was founded by Dawn Osborne who flat out refuses to sell any product that she would not use on her own teens. Once you try our products, you will be a customer for the duration of your teens walk through developing skin and longer!!