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Freedom Bracelets

 Start you own FREEDOM collection with our beautiful bracelets.  >> Free Shipping Worldwide <<

We create bracelets & Lifestyle products and commit  % of profits to helping people in need get set free. Let’s end global exploitation of Women & Children in this lifetime!

When you purchase you contribute to the mission of seeing 1.5 Million Women & Children set FREE!
Our Mission is to Set trafficked people Free. The business has the sole purpose of generating funds for the freedom of Abused Children & Women.
People we serve:
  • Expolited Children & Women
The goal is to help set people Free physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We specifically raise funds for medical assistance and reconstruction surgery.
We are looking for Fearless Men & Women “Freedom Fighters” who will stand for justice and raise their voice for freedom for others!!!
There are a number of projects that are in the initial stages working with women and children at risk around the world.