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Who Is Dawn Osborne?

Over the past20 years, Dawn has been helping 1000's of women discover who they are inside & out by renewing the mind, healing the body & walking into freedom mentally, physically & spiritually. What started with transforming bodies through fitness, to creating products & gifts that give back, to today creating life changing courses and coaching.

Dawns mission is to help build esteem, value and purpose. Helping people discover a fearless & free life! 

>> As an wild and insecure teen, Dawn Osborne never thought she would have the persona of an typical Entrepreneur, From humble welsh beginnings Dawns journey through the life of entrepreneurism has seen the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. She has dined with royalty and sat in the streets with the poorest of people. Either way being real and contributing to need of others is the heart and soul of who Dawn really is. Those who have had the chance to hear Dawns story through her speaking engagements would say that she is Bold, Fearless & Real! <<

KEYNOTE TOPIC- How to become Fearless & Free

Key messages: Self awareness, Mindset, Personal  Responsibility, Clarity, Vision, Breaking Habits,Communication and Motivation. 

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